How to Order

How to place an order on our web site.

On our site you can order items for yourself and up to 50 recipients per order. We will give you the steps to use for placing an order.

1. Set up an account
If you don't yet have an account with our web site, click on "Login".
Then click on (New Members Signup) click ("HERE")

2. Fill in your account information.
Fill in all fields in the first section for you contact information.
Fill in all fields in the second section for your billing information.
The third section is YOUR shipping information. Do not put a recipient address here, that will be done later during your order, or you can add the recipients before shopping.

After completing your registration, you can add recipient names and addresses to your address book:

At the top of the page click on “Your Account”.  Scroll down to the box titled “Your Address Book” and click on “Add a person to your address book”. You will then be able to enter your recipient name and address information.
This information will be stored for you in your account.

3. Start Shopping
Click on a category on the left that you would like to select your items from, such as “Popcorn Cans” then select a can size.  Choose the decoration that you want.
The next page will give the option to select how you want the can filled from the drop down menu.

You must enter an APPROXIMATE.  PLEASE NOTE ALL ARRIVAL DATES ARE APPROXIMATE. We will make every effort to have your package arrive as close to the requested date as possible
Repeat this step until you have selected all the items that you want to send on this order and have them in your shopping cart.

4. Your Shopping Cart
When all of your items are in your shopping cart, click on the"Checkout Now" button.
You can make changes to your shopping cart and update by clicking "update now"
If you have a code for a special offer, please enter it at the bottom of the screen.

5. Who are you shipping to?
If you are shipping all the items in your cart to one address, choose that address from the drop down menu at the top of the page. Then choose a shipping method. FedEx or Parcel (PO Box, RR, HC or HCR, APO/FPO)

When shipping items to more than one address you will need to go to “CLICK HERE”  Your items will be separated and you will be able to select a recipient from the drop down menu next to each item.  

Once you have selected for your items in your shopping cart then you will be ready to continue the checkout process, now click on "Continue Checkout".

The next page you will see is the "Select Shipping Method" page. You can also verify your order at this point. Select the shipping method for each item by clicking the button next to FedEx or USPS. The post office option is for addresses that are P.O. Boxes and Rural Routes, HC or HCR.

A greeting message can be sent with your package, please enter the information in the box provided (10 words or less please)

Now click on Continue Checkout to proceed to the Payment Page.
Fill in the requested information for your Credit Card and then click the "Continue Checkout" button

6. Place your order
The next page will display the Place the order button. Please take a minute to review your order.
Click "Place order" button and your order will be complete. Remember, all your address information will be stored in your address book for future orders or reference. PLEASE PRINT YOUR RECEIPT FOR YOUR RECORDS

If you have questions please call or email us.
Thank you!