Popcorn "Tips and Facts"

Tip: Allow your can of popcorn to come to room temperature before jumping in. This will result in less breakage allowing you to enjoy the maximum pleasure of your gourmet popcorn. Popcorn is tender and delicious. Be gentle and enjoy.

Tip: Store your can of popcorn in a cool dry place. This will ensure the freshness of your popcorn.

Tip:Simply wipe out your empty can with a dry paper towel. If you choose to wash your can it must be dried completely or it will rust. Water can remain in the seams of your canister so dry your popcorn tin thoroughly before you refill or store for later use.

Tip: Your popcorn tin is slightly tapered. When you get your refill bags and new divider we suggest you first fold the divider in half so you can see the tapered part to easily insert into your popcorn tin.

Tip: We recommend ordering your product to arrive as close to your event date or gift giving date as possible.

Fact: We often get emails about the many uses for popcorn tins. Other than POPCORN, although that is the first choice of how to use your popcorn tin., some are used for animal food, sand and soil, grass seed or bird seed storage, holiday items such as lights and tree ornaments, camping supplies, bulk flour and sugar, craft supplies and many other uses. Popcorn is still #1

Fact: Since 1937 Velvet Creme Popcorn has used the same high quality ingredients and recipe to produce our gourmet popcorn. Our products are shipped worldwide. Velvet Creme Popcorn was the first company to offer gourmet popcorn in a decorated can.